Monday, March 17, 2008

SpRinG Time CaRR otTS!!!

This is about as close to sewing as I have come this week! I got this idea and instructions from Pam at Beehind Thyme a week or so ago. Isn't it an adorable primitive decoration??

I have an old tool box with silverware and seasonal decor on my dining room table and these are perfect for SpRing TiME!


queenofdreamsz said...

OMG! Did you make those big ole carrots? So totally cool...I want to make one..Is that felt or woven fabric?

smoothiejuice said...

they are so incredibly cute. havent seen you around, how is the wedding going?

Autumn said...

I'm glad you 2 stopped by!
The carrotts are so easy!!!
Just newspaper twisted and then foled in half and twisted into the carrott shape.
Then I just wrapped from top to bottom with torn strips of "carrott-y" looking cotton.
The green is just unravelled yarn, tacked with quilting thread to the top of the carrott.
Then I swished some brown paint,thinned out a bit- to add that grungy look I LOVE!!!!
So much fun!!!!!

Sheryl-lyn said...

I love those carrots!! I need some. I'll send you the SOOOO easy directions for the Irish Chain quilt soon. I'll make carrots and you make the quilt!

Beverly said...

How adorable are they!! Now you just need a big ole bunny to come along and chomp on one!!!

Autumn said...

Don't you hate it when ya type too fast to spell right??? Sorry about that- it is such a hassel to go back and edit!
Anyway- the big ole bunny is tomorrows fun project- while I make final phone calls for food that is being catered. :)
I think I saw just the one I need on Glad Tidings Primitives.

Autumn said...

OK-OK carroT- one "T" - how many times do I have to do this????
Does stress make ya spell everything wrong???????