Thursday, March 27, 2008

Now I understand March Madness!!!!

I have succumbed to a rare form of "March Madness"!

The symptoms started a few weeks ago when I stopped by the local thrift store just to browse.
I found this adorable metal napkin holder for a quarter! That's right- 25 cents!!!
I was overjoyed- (shoulda known right then something was wrong!)
I could think of hundreds of times I had wished we had something to hold napkins outside and now here it was-so of course I bought it!
Hmm- now where can I get those napkins? For the next week or so I looked everywhere I could think of, including online but no luck. Well I did find them online but shipping was so high and besides who needs 10,000 of them- that was the second symptom!!!!
Well today as my dd's and ds and I were picking up a few items for the wedding at the local SAM'S CLUB- the light went on and I remembered the napkins!!!
Of course they had them.
The guy helping me pulled them off the shelf - in "giant- land "and plopped them into my "giant-land" buggy, along with all the other " giant -land" items I was purchasing and I went on my merry way to the "giant-land" cashier.
Well the strangest thing happened once I entered reality again- all the things from giant-land were unbelievably LARGE!!!
The fry pan I bought was twice the size it looked in "giant-land" and those napkins?- well let me just tell you I hid them in the laundry room until I could break the news to dh that we were NEVER going to have to buy paper towels or napkins again!!! These 4,500 should last us the rest of our natural lives!!!
March Madness- I'm sure that's the diagnosis!!!


Autumn said...

I am having difficulty viewing my recent posts -please let me know if you are too. Thanks!

Beverly said...

Yep, I would say you are definitely set for napkins for a very long time!!! LOL