Friday, March 21, 2008

A blessed Easter !!!!!!!!

(This is Bekah at age 7 or 8 sewing her first dress)
If you want to be blessed,too just skip over to Bekah's(my daughter) blog Pumpkin seed

You mom's know what I mean when I say that I am blessed beyond measure to see my daughter be a better mother than I am- I did my best and I was a good momma- but to see her raise the bar even higher just blesses me more than I can express in words!!!
She has a wonderful Easter celebration planned for Abby!


Katy said...

That is sooo fantastic! I have done some sewing before..but i am really just starting to get into it now! That is great how she started soo young!!! :)

Sheryl-lyn said...

Wow! I sure am happy to see the little one sewing! I was young like that when I started. My son liked to sew back then too, but not anymore:) You mentioned on my blog that it would be nice if my friend would make those blocks too, but I have already decided that she will force me to make my slipcovers. When she feels up to it, I will bring her here and she can supervise and tell me what I am doing wrong! HA! She would like that someday again!

Autumn said...

It was really funny when she started sewing- she would get so frustrated with me. I didn't understand why then- now I do.
She is a real detail person- I'm not. I would just show her how to do something like I did and she was never comfortable with my less than complete instruction! HA! NOW I understand- but I am still the "seat of my pants" seamstress!