Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sweet picnic...

Can anything bless a momma more than seeing her own daughter being a remarkable mom herself? Here's some evidence- this is a backyard picnic that Bekah & Abby had.

If that face doesn't reflect sheer joy and delight , I don't know what does.

Abby is not one of those quiet calm babies that sleep all night and take naps during the day- she is on high speed from early morning until late at night. She talks non-stop~ and it's not baby talk- she is talking in sentences!!! Many sentences! She is opinionated, abrupt methodic and extremely precocious.( I'm not braggin!!! ) She is a loaded pistol ready to fire ALL THE TIME!!!!
Her momma on the other hand is quiet,tiny, and well she's pretty opinionated too!!:)
Anyway my point is- my daughter(& son in law) are doing a wonderful job of learning the parenting ropes!
Besides I just wanted you to see the sweet picnic!!


Beverly said...

How sweet she is....Abby (and her wonderful Mom, too!) Something tells me that Bekah had a great role model!!

pumpkin seed said...

I DO have a great role model!!! It's fun (sometimes not) being able to relate to some of the things my mom must have gone through while raising me. Whew...aren't we glad I'm all grown up mom?? LOL
I just wanna squeeze abbys cheeks in that picture..she's SO kissable!