Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Suffering from..

I'm suffering from ....let's see... I'll call it "rainy- day-kids-are-sick-waiting- for -supplies-to-start-projects-gotta-stitch-something" .

I have lot's to do but for one reason or another I have to wait until... the kids can get out...the pkg of transfers come in...... out of ribbon for fairy dresses..... on and on and on!!!
Since I need to stitch something up I figured it was a great time to do my first giveaway.

I'm stitching up a sweet valentines embroidery- either to frame of make into a pillow- (I'll let you do that part) but all you have to do is post on the topic of Apron Pockets here on this blog.
On Friday I'll pick a winner from all the posts.
Simple. So post away!!!